Bank Reconciliation Statement – BRS

Bank Reconciliation is very important for organisations.    It gives an up-to-date picture of the Bank balances and whether that tallies with your books of accounts. Bank Reconciliation: We need to update organisation’s Bank Passbooks’ from time to time. At Continue reading Bank Reconciliation Statement – BRS

Steps to be taken while applying for Grants

When we apply for grants we need to ensure that all that is required by donor agencies are adhered to and all the supporting documents are attached to. a) Some donor agencies may have a specified time period for applying Continue reading Steps to be taken while applying for Grants

How to Prepare a Budget – 2

How to prepare a budget III. Administration: This is one area which needs careful financial planning. Many times, in spite of proper planning the administrative costs go up because of various reasons which may be beyond organizations control. As an Continue reading How to Prepare a Budget – 2

Risk Management – 3

Capacity Building: a) Identify and work with selected NGOs through intervention partners to uild real capacity that goes beyond project deadlines. b) Ensure preparedness and code of conduct,of Internal systems c) Ensure indicators are menaingful and responsible a) Direct implementaton Continue reading Risk Management – 3