Concept Note 4

Concept Note continue….. It is worth spending time with colleagues, partners, and friends brainstorming all the possible outputs, as well as those directly related to the objectives.Key outputs that are achieved during the life of the project may be useful Continue reading Concept Note 4

Steps to be taken while applying for Grants

When we apply for grants we need to ensure that all that is required by donor agencies are adhered to and all the supporting documents are attached to. a) Some donor agencies may have a specified time period for applying Continue reading Steps to be taken while applying for Grants

Risk Management – 3

Capacity Building: a) Identify and work with selected NGOs through intervention partners to uild real capacity that goes beyond project deadlines. b) Ensure preparedness and code of conduct,of Internal systems c) Ensure indicators are menaingful and responsible a) Direct implementaton Continue reading Risk Management – 3