The Queen’s Young Leaders Grants

THE Queen’s Young Leaders Grants Scheme

Grants will be available to eligible organisations in selected countries across the Commonwealth that are working with young people to transform their lives. Projects will be supported that are led by or focused on young people and provide opportunities for them to learn new skills, secure employment, create enterprises or have a say in decisions affecting their future. Each project will place young people at the heart of their communities, working with them to help solve the issues that affect their lives.

The Grants will be available to organisations working with young people in UK, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Bangladesh, Jamaica and Solomon Islands.


  • Ensure young people are better qualified, get decent jobs and training, and create thriving businesses
  • Enable young people to articulate their needs in order to influence key decision makers
  • Provide evidence and stories describing how young people have succeeded in creating lasting change in their communities.


The Scheme will make Grants of between £60,000 a

nd £1 million lasting for two to four years.

Smaller grants will also be provided in each country through our brand new Small Grants Fire-starter Initiative which will support smaller youth-led organisations and groups.

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